Giving Back to Our Communities

At Sherpa 6, we offer a wide variety of ways for our employees to volunteer. Whether they participate in a local event or donate to our annual adopt a family, our Sherpas find ways to give back to their communities.

Every year, we have a themed annual giving month where we encourage our employees to find a local volunteer opportunity in their area, we coordinate with local charities for Thanksgiving turkey drives, and participate in adopt families during the holiday season.

Check out some of the awesome photos of our Sherpa Giving activities in the past!

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Once you are a Sherpa,
you are part of a family.

The cornerstone of our success is our employees. In everything we do and in everything we are, we are dedicated to building and supporting our employees and their success.

We Are On The Move

Healthy Sherpas

We firmly believe in a work life balance and encourage our employees to stay active. That’s why we have an awesome program to help keep our Sherpas active and healthy.

Through our Incentfit program, our employees can participate in activities to earn badges, awards, and a monetary incentive to keep active throughout the year.

Our Sherpas do so many awesome things including horseback riding, fun runs, mountain biking, mountain climbing, fly fishing, tennis, hunting and much more. Some of our Sherpas join together on the weekends and do group rides, fishing trips and other fun activities.

Group Activities

Our Sherpas love to do fun things. Some enjoy group skiing, fun runs and mountain biking trips. No matter where our Sherpas are, we love to be active and on the move.

Volunteer Activities

Our Sherpas are dedicated to making our communities better through organized volunteer events and their own local activities.

Open and Vibrant Culture

We have a lively and engaging company culture. In all aspects of working at Sherpa 6, you can see how our culture shapes who we are and how we operate.

Team Building

Sherpa 6 believes in creating and maintaining a strong company culture through fun virtual activities and onsite events.

Sherpa 6

Water Cooler

We love getting to know our Sherpas. Our Sherpa 6 Water Cooler brings our employees together from all departments and locations to talk about anything and everything. From vacation and weekend plans to bar-b-que ideas, our Sherpa 6 Water Cooler is a standing bi-weekly event (usually over a cup of joe) that brings all of our Sherpas together to engage in fun and lively conversation.

Sherpa 6

Team Building

Sherpa 6 hold team building activities throughout the year to boost company morale and increase a sense of comradery among Sherpas, no matter where they are located.

From our daily riddle challenges and online scavenger hunts to our monthly round of Who’s That Sherpa (a challenging game to get to know our Sherpas), we take pride in keeping our Sherpas engaged.

We Are Hiring!

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