Network/Sensor Integration

Using the latest technology to provide real-time data to Soldiers at-the-edge.

We have years of experience integrating a variety of sensors across the capability spectrum including electro-optics, passive and active RF, unmanned aerial vehicles, and unmanned ground sensors. We also have a rich history integrating a mix of network transports supporting challenging operational environments including commercial MANET, private cellular, private WiFi, as well as a mix of tactical military radios.

  • End-to-end IT managed service delivery and performance, with modular deployment capability, that integrates process, people and tools/technology effectively and efficiently
  • Market leader in a comprehensive ITIL-based IT Service Delivery framework using ISO certified processes, updated with industry best-practices and standards
  • Technology insertion evolutionary methodology to refresh the right tools, technology and process at the right time within budget
  • Leading industry IT experts trained and certified

Technical Skills

Sherpas are constantly fine tuning their skills to be at the top of the field. We pride ourselves in offering the advanced development solutions to meet our customer demands.

Passion for Development

There is no one more passionate about development than a Sherpa. Our thirst for knowledge keeps us on top of the latest industry trends.


As the world evolves, so does our technology. Sherpas are constantly questioning the status quo and searching for better solutions to all of our challenges.


We look toward the future and are always planning for what is coming up next. Whether it be battlefield ready AR or sensor integrations on UAVs, Sherpas stay two steps ahead.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Working with the latest technologies to make a more efficient Soldier on the battlefield.

As stewards of technology, we are always looking to be at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies of app development. That is why Sherpa 6 is constantly innovating to provide the high-quality solutions our customers have come to rely on.

We are on the cutting edge of technology, working with augmented and mixed reality. We develop innovative government and commercial software for use on the HoloLens, an untethered device with apps and solutions that help people learn, communicate, and collaborate more effectively.

Tell us about your next big idea!

Our software engineers are some of the best in the industry and are ready to bring your project to life. Whether you are in the defense contract space or in commercial, we have software engineers ready to tackle any challenge. Contact us today to see what we can get started!