Mobile Development

We develop apps for phones, tablets, and smart watches. If it runs on a mobile operating system, we can build it.

Our team of highly skilled app developers are experts in both Android and iOS development. We take pride in using the latest design trends, technologies and methodologies to produce high quality applications.

As a leading mobile app developer for the military, Sherpa 6 has been able to channel learned experience, skills and creativity into a multitude of successful projects. We use trusted mobile development frameworks, libraries and tools to deliver secure and reliable mobile applications and plugins.

As stewards of technology, we are always looking to be at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies of app development, and that is why Sherpa 6 is constantly innovating to provide the high-quality solutions our customers can rely on.

Our comprehensive approach to app development incorporates a quality assurance process that includes requirements gathering, wire-framing, UX/UI design, app development, Q/A testing, launch support and post-production support.

Better development with agile processes.

Sherpa engineers use agile development processes to deliver projects to our customers quickly. Our adaptive approach allows us to customize solutions and rapidly address complex issues.

Full-Stack Development

We create seamless user experiences with our robust knowledge of both front end and back end web applications.

Our highly-skilled full-stack development team has specialized knowledge in all areas of software development. With a deep understanding of database architecture, server management and configuration, systems engineering and client-relationship management, our development team is capable of rapid production while reducing the time and technical costs often associated with larger, less agile development environments.

We are specialists at developing advanced web applications using the latest technologies, including AngularJS, Bootstrap, and jQueryMobile.

Problem Solvers

As Sherpas, we tackle each project with a new perspective. We take on challenges and rise to the demands of those challenges by proposing innovative solutions.

Attention to Detail

We have a standard when it comes to our products. Whether we are working information architecture or designing a new user interface, our attention to detail can be seen in all aspects of our work.


Whether we are designing a website or structuring code, Sherpas bring creativity to your projects. Our creativity is what sets us apart from your typical development team.


Open communication between our development team and our customers creates an efficient working environment. We are able to communicate technical issues and concerns quickly, ultimately finding the solutions faster.

UX/UI Design

We evaluate customer needs to form viable solutions.

As part of our continued effort to deliver solutions that meet our customer’s needs, we have an all-encompassing design process that incorporates UX research and design evaluation into the whole user experience, bringing essential insights into every step of the development process. Our comprehensive approach incorporates extensive testing to evaluate usability and accessibility, creating a more meaningful experience for users while reaping lasting benefits for our customer.

Dedicated to better development practices for a better product.

Sherpa software engineers are versed in the latest programming languages. Through continuous education, we strive to provide our customers with the latest in technological advancements so that their software is reliable for years to come.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

We deliver at-the-edge enterprise mobility management for a stronger, more unified front.

Enterprise mobility management supporting tactical devices at the edge, for a stronger, more unified front.

Sherpa 6 designed and developed a tactical Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution designed for military use that provides a complete mobile device management solution that protects End User Devices throughout their full lifecycle. From configuration management in the cloud, to device provisioning and policy enforcement, this tactical EMM provides the ability to rapidly deploy and protect sensitive data at the edge.

Through the EMM, administrators can capture valuable analytics in our Insights portal that provide invaluable feedback for shaping future missions.

Don’t need the tactical flare? The EMM is also integrated with Google’s Enterprise Work Profiles and allows management of commercial devices while offering the same level of protection.

Software Development

We understand real-world challenges and develop products that help our customers overcome those challenges.

Our team of expert Software Engineers use modern programming languages such as Go, Angular, and Kotlin to develop scalable software solutions for use in cloud and edge computing systems.

At Sherpa 6, we believe in an Agile philosophy and have implemented a Scrum of Scrums software development process to allow our teams to quickly adapt to our customer’s needs. Our Software Engineers get the opportunity to cross train on technologies to continue advancing their individual skill sets.

Through the use of automated testing, build systems, peer code reviews, and manual testing, we are able to rapidly deliver stable software solutions to our customers.

Tell us about your next big idea!

Our software engineers are some of the best in the industry and are ready to bring your project to life. Whether you are in the defense contract space or in commercial, we have software engineers ready to tackle any challenge. Contact us today to see what we can get started!