Sherpas Giving

Littleton, CO

Springfield, VA

Giving Month Theme: The Great Outdoors

Date: June 2021

In the month of June, Sherpas are volunteering in local parks and public spaces as part of the Sherpas Giving month. The theme this year is “The Great Outdoors”. As part of this effort, Sherpas in our three locations as well as throughout the country are finding ways to give back to their local communities through park clean up, roadside trash pick up, trail remediation and other various outdoor volunteer activities.

We are proud to showcase our Sherpas as they make a difference in their communities.

In Littleton, CO, Sherpas volunteered at Chatfield State Park. During the two clean up days, they did trail restoration, seed planting, water diversion digging, and weeding.

In Springfield, VA, Sherpas volunteered at Leesylvania State Park. During the two clean up days, they did picnic area beautification and Potomac River shoreline water quality clean-up.

Colleen Vinomano volunteers to muck stalls at Lancer stables where she is a member of the National Lancers, a ceremonial cavalry troop in the Massachusetts Organized Militia that was established in 1836.